Our Data

  • The data on our site is all public data, drawn from the Florida register of companies. We are not affiliated with this register. Our aim at Commerce Florida is to make corporate information more accessible for anyone living in or doing business in Florida.
  • We need our data to be a faithful representation of the official register. Therefore we cannot change or remove company data. Note that, as well as listing current businesses, the Florida company register lists businesses (and their officers) that have ceased trading - so some data on the register, and on our website, will be historic, rather than current.
  • However, if anything on our site is out of date with the official register you can notify us using the below form. Also, if you are an individual and you have privacy concerns about your official personal address appearing on our site you can notify us below and we will endeavour to hide the address. However, it is essential that you include the link to the page in your message (for example: if you want to change or hide any information. There are too many companies and individuals with similar names for us to be able to make any changes otherwise. Also, please note we can only hide information if requested by the person themselves - we cannot act on requests to change or suppress other people's data, unless it is inconsistent with the company register. Note we do not normally respond to emails seeking to update or hide data, but we will aim to make any such requested changes within 5 working days.